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About was born out of growing customer demand for communicative and team-playing Controllers.

The management of companies and other organisations require financial clarity. Is the financial strategy correct? Will proposed measures lead to greater effectiveness, efficiency and transparency? These are the key questions of today.

These days, even more added value is expected from Controllers. As well as being accountable, Controllers are also expected to provide practical guidance. The central question is how to communicate all that in a transparent and convincing manner?

Some managers still have a strong tendency to recruit candidates based on professional qualifications only. Obviously the successful fulfillment of the Controller's role cannot be guaranteed when certain vital skills (*) are missing. is specialised in the selection of Controllers and Interim Controllers with ControlPartner Plus competencies, or Controllers who have the potential to develop these qualities. These competencies increase the likelihood that the candidate will successfully complete projects and have a rewarding career. makes it easy for potential customers to select candidates in an accessible and clear way. offers descriptions of 20 different Controller profiles.  The most suitable candidates can be selected according to criteria such as education, experience, and personality.

Transparency in recruitment has been a long time coming. With, openness, easy access and a clear tariff structure have finally arrived.

(*) ControlPartner Plus competencies: Communicative, organisational awareness, customer friendly and cooperative.